African Sky Health Services CC is an occupational healthcare organization dedicated to meet the challenges of workplace healthcare for small to medium industries.  We strive to give constant legal, quality service at all times. We are based in Durban. Our core business is occupational health. There are many reasons why occupational health medicals are done – the most important should be in line with the World Health Organization’s  (WHO) definition of occupational health, being: * The early identification of adverse effects on the health of an employee due to workplace exposure * Establishing fitness for duty Our slogan is simply “it’s a matter of pride” . We strongly believe that if you do something, do it with pride!
African Sky is a leading Occupational Health Service provider in KZN. Our rooms are clean and well maintained to ensure total client satisfaction. Our staff are well trained and treat every client with utmost respect and dignity. Our clients are our main priority and keeping them happy our primary goal.
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